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Store specific coupons Most retail stores offer coupons that can be used on products and services purchased from their store or chain of stores. Facebook Many brands and coupon sites offer coupons in exchange for liking their Facebook page and will then periodically offer printable coupons to fans of the page. Brand specific coupons Brands are reaching out to shoppers from web sites and as many social media sites as they can.

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Notebook with clear photo pages One of the easiest ways to see a large collection of coupons is to store them in the pockets of clear pages used for storing photos or collectible cards. Online database One of the biggest challenges of using coupons is remembering the coupons you have for different brands and products. What to do With All That Food If you catch the coupon bug you will inevitably wind up with merchandise you won't use. Hoard Extreme couponing has given birth to another trend - food hoarding.

Sell excess Some shoppers are able to make a profit by reselling the items they bought on sale. Donate excess Getting bargains at the grocery store is a great way to help stock the shelves at the local food pantry or the school snackbar. It doesn't make sense to spend more on gas than you're saving on groceries. Print copy of store policy - Read the forum on any coupon site and you will find a thread about a store employee who didn't know the store's coupon policy and tried to prevent a shopper from using valid coupons. It is a good idea to keep a copy of each store's coupon policy on hand just in case you need to defend your coupon use.

Better yet, use coupons to purchase an item that is on sale and is offering a rebate to maximise your saving. Stores will usually announce these a week or two in advance when they aren't a scheduled sale and will offer to double or triple manufacturer's coupons that are less than a specified value.

Pay attention to the sales cycle of the products you buy.

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You can learn more about sales cycles at SouthernSavers. Coupon Classes and Seminars Understanding the basics of collecting and using coupons is not all that complicated, but there are many tips and tricks that can be learned from the experts. Apps It may not be long before stores and brands no longer use paper coupons or will offer digital versions for those who prefer using apps on cell phones and tablets to organize coupons.

It also tracks printable coupons from multiple sites. The app allows you to scan and store coupons and remember expiration dates.

New coupon hacks: 3 easy ways to save money while grocery shopping

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When I get the checkout counter, sometimes the cashier will see the coupons in my hand and ask for them. Other times I will tell the clerk I have coupons just as sort of a forewarning since the process can take some extra time. Also, it sets the tone for a positive transaction. Be sure to pay attention as the clerk is scanning the coupons to make sure everything deducts correctly.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady. And …. It may sound like a lot, but once you jump in and get started, it will seem like second nature. Happy shopping and saving! Simone Praylow is a wife and mom to two kids ages 6 and 16 months.

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Simone is an avid reader, couponer and blogger. She also enjoys painting when she has a spare minute. She loves the outdoors, but at heart of is a complete homebody!

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Very Helpful in saving on your utility bills. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Columbia Mom. A Very Special Halloween. Do You Know an Unsung Hero? For the most part, I set couponing aside because I wanted my grocery dollars to go toward real, healthier foods. Once I started a food storage pantry, I realized those convenience foods generally had short shelf lives anyway. Recently, I came across some great coupons for shampoo, lip balm, and paper towels. Here are just a few:. What are your favorite online coupon sites and how are you using coupons to be better prepared?

Great post! I recently came to the conclusion that all those coupons I kept clipping were no longer relevant. For the last couple years I started cooking just about everything from scratch. I also buy store brand which in most cases is still cheaper than using couppons.

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The coupons I was using were for junk food. We make home made cookies and other goodies like caramel corn when we have a sweet tooth. The only weakness we have is Doritos. I stock up on those when they are on sale. If I would have to, I think I could figure out a comparable recipe for the nacho flavoring and make corn tortillas that I could then bake. I may be able to help with your nacho flavoring dilemma! Kernel Seasons in the popcorn aisle sells popcorn seasoning in Nacho Cheddar, among others. We are chip junkies, so I may have to try making my own, too! Thanks for the idea!

Couponing was a way of life starting at age 14, I am still doing it. In fact my husband was better at it, but I started to notice if we had a coupon we had to buy that item. The grocery bill was going up along with items we did not need. So we stopped couponing for a while.

I now have a binder with pages for coupons,dividers and an organization sheet for where to locate the coupons I am going to use. Watch specials that the grocery store offers use their coupon and use your manufactures coupon for the product. It will save you money.

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Then put it into your coupon binder, you will know if the item is truly a bargin or not. Last but not the least, know the brands in your markets you shop at, family name brands without a coupon can be cheaper, they also can be processed by the same company. Only difference you are paying for the name. Not sure, try one can of a product to see if you can taste the difference. Then I have done a good deed for the day.

When I was young my mother would work in the canning factory during harvest time. She swore that Libbys brand was better than the Kroger store brand and nothing could convince her otherwise. Then, one day while filling Libbys cans with mixed vegetables, suddenly, the cans she was filling were Kroger brand.

southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
southern savers coupon class Southern savers coupon class
Southern savers coupon class

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