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  7. Sign Out. Tags: following chipotle twitter select all. Most Viewed Stories. Even cookie-cutter corporate competitors deliver more consistent food and better experience. Which is precisely why the hype has never made any sense.

    Getty fire: Punishing Santa Ana winds, the strongest of the season, build as blaze grows. Never miss a single coupon for Chipotle! Ruby Tuesday.

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    About Chipotle A forerunner in the fast-casual restaurants, Chipotle has a simple, healthy menu. Also known as Chipotle Mexican Grill there are over 1, locations where they serve four items - burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads - with an seemingly infinite combination of ingredients. What are the best Chipotle coupons? Question is how does one get some of these? Are they just given out?

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    Any other way to eat Chipotle for less? It does get pretty expensive. Edit: Thanks for the replies. Complaining to customer service just to get a free meal is a really messed up thing to do.

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    If you just talk to the GM of the Chipotle you frequent, they would most likely be down to comp a meal every so often. Especially if you take a survey on chipotlefeedback. IF they deserve it, of course. Complaining for no real reason just to get a free meal is not a great thing to do. But if you truly have a valid issue, I don't think there's anything wrong with submitting a complaint with the knowledge that you'll probably get a free meal.

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    Yes, I am aware that the store manager would prefer for customers to come to them directly with any issues instead of complaining to customer service, but I don't think that confers any moral obligation on the customers to do so. Now that I think about it, it's also pretty messed up for a Chipotle manager to essentially suggest bribing customers with free meals in exchange for positive reviews to corporate.

    Chipotle BOGO and free coupons are hard to come by nowadays but like the others says I did have a manager comp my daughter's veggie bowl after we did the survey. As fast food goes it is still one of the better values around here SoCal. I always do the online surveys but never asked to do one in-store.

    Honestly, Chipotle is healthier than more sit-down restaurants imo.

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