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My clientele ranges from experienced athletes to people who have been mostly sedentary. The common thread among my clients is that they are ready to let go of our cultural view of what's good for our bodies, you know -- "No pain no gain. If it doesn't hurt you aren't working hard enough. I coach my clients toward moving in a way that is sustainable in the long-term. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but one that meets the individual where they are and supports them in going where they want to be.

I've been into fitness since my teens, and I did a lot of damage to my body by following conventional fitness advice. Eventually my love of distance running helped me recognize that my movement patterns weren't awesome. Those race photos don't lie! My running mechanics needed work, and I had the chronic pain to show for it.

I wanted to improve my running efficiency, and to do that I first had to work on walking efficiency.

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It turned out that my walking mechanics weren't so hot either. Somewhere in that personal journey, I started to imagine working with other people to improve their movement patterns, and now here I am, a Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Restorative Exercise. I'm here to help my clients transform their daily movement in a way that helps them live their best lives. The book is not required—but the course is based on it. Helping people live more by owning less is what I am passionate about. I created the videos and the content. I host the webinars.

And I host live video chats over the course of the 12 weeks. My goal is to help and cheer you along. Participants receive lifetime access to the course. And they can take it as many times as they need. It is strategically packaged for one purpose: To help you unclutter your home, own less stuff, and find space to live the life you want.

Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook. The course will begin on Monday, January 9th. Registration will open on January 1st.

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The next one will be in January. You can sign up at my. If I am decluttering my whole home on my own, what other benefits would be in this course? Are there time management classes or what? Thank you so much! No, there is no time management piece specifically involved in the course.

The Results

But it sounds to me like you are already passed that. Can I send a screenshot to you? Thank you. They will be able to help you better over there. Yes, Noha, The material is released each week on Monday. But you can view it anytime. In fact, participants have lifetime access to go back and view it at any time. Hi, I am interested in your course. I noticed on the checkout page that there is a spot for entering a coupon code.

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Is this something I can use. How can I get the code. Thank you, Mary.

The content is released on Monday mornings, but it is available to view at any point after—whatever is most convenient for the participant. Also participants have lifetime access to the course, so they can take it as many times as they want or need. How do we join the facebook page?

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They will be able to help you love there. I am not a Facebook user and therefore am not sure I would be able to participate in the Facebook group.


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Would that be an obstacle in getting the full value out of the course? There is no course content delivered via Facebook—it all comes via email. Facebook is the platform that we have chosen to spur community and accountability among participants in the course. There are a whole number of people who have taken the course without Facebook. But if somebody thinks the ongoing accountability and encouragement is something they need, Facebook is where that happens. The course material is made available on Monday mornings and takes approximately minutes to view.

The time commitment for the assignments varies from week-to-week and home-to-home. But generally, I encourage people to set aside hours to complete the weekly challenges. My partner is not willing to become a minimalista. Can this course help me out with this problem? My suggestion would be, if your partner is open to the idea, have them read The More of Less first. If they are interested in the ideas in the book, the course would be helpful applying it to life. Excited to go through my house and life again this fall — I did the spring session and feel good about what I have done, but I hope to clear more space of various types in my life with another round!

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I did well for about the first weeks and then fell off the wagon. I would like to by your book from an Australian online bookstore Booktopia.

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