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Popular City. Lauderdale Greensboro Triad. Manassas Restaurant Guide. Manassas Restaurant Specials. Have a desire to eat out but you're a bit lacking with the dining budget? Estancia Restaurant Presidential Ln, Manassas City Square Cafe Mediterranean. Twin Lakes II Asian. El Espino Restaurant Latin. Anthony's Restaurant American. I complained when I left and the manager told me I could not complain "because the waitress kept checking on us and I did not order a replacement. Half the restaurant was roped off and closed. The other half I ordered Tilapia. My husband's bread, which we had to request 3 times, arrived as a dessert, after we had finished.

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So it took 35 minutes to receive our order or I should say the initial part of our order , and the waitress said there was only one cook and they were CROWDED I counted them. When we went to pay out check, the "system was down", we stood at the register for l5 minutes and I finally asked to see the manager and inquire as to how we could get out of the place She gave us our meal, along with the other TEN customers, the entirety of their workload I asked for the receipt so I could call the number for the survey. She gave me someone else's receipt and refused to give me my receipt.

This is nothing new. At this location, they refuse customers the right to obtain their receipts to participate in the survey. I supposed this is because the staff is overworked with their TEN customers. No paper, no toilet seat cover, the trash cans, all of them were running over with trash, and the walls contained urine. Two managers on duty, one female came out and gave away the meals complimentary due to the poor service. The other manager male , we watched him throughout our entire meal, he never came out from behind the counter, we could see him from the table, despite l00 percent of the customers ready to walk out, he continued to be preoccupied with entertaining the waitresses behind the counter.

Night management yells at servers in between the front doors of the restaurant. Welcome to IHOP to watch our disgusting display of public humiliation before you are fully in the building. The manager is very short-tempered and downright rude to the staff.

Cooks threaten and scream at waitstaff in front of management, yet no action is taken to stop the scene in front of customers. Night management doesn't even know the menu, and very loudly in front of customers has actually asked a member of waitstaff if the never-ending pancake special comes with pancakes. Servers are punished for calling the district manager and the corporate office when their checks are: 1. Not right for their hours; 2. Not right for tips reported; 3. Not the correct amount. False write-ups are made to fire people they don't like or people managers are threatened by. Management even writes up employees for doing things management tells them to do.

For example: management tells servers not to allow people over the age of 12 to order from the kids menu, then when the server doesn't let a 35 year old woman order off the kids menu the server gets wrote up. Management also tells servers not to charge VIPs for or police officers for their drinks, then when the server doesn't charge for those drinks the server then gets wrote up yet again. Management makes up a lie that the server swore and said things that were never said yet again writes the server up and suspends the server.

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The server then asks to see the tape of this happening and suddenly the manager claims there is no sound on the tape which is another lie. Then the same manager that claims there's no sound on video tape claims that it was heard on video tape that the server told a customer her phone number and was discussing IHOP personal business with a customer.

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In actuality the server simply said to a personal friend, "hey give me a call I want to talk to you about something later because I can't right now. In return, the general manager has fired a cook that was there for years and actually told members of waitstaff it was because that cook knew more than he did.

After working in different IHOPs in the state of Oklahoma for over 5 years as not only a server, shift leader, crew chief, manager on duty, and a manager for many years my employment has come to an end due to a manager's lies. Time and again has come up that this manager feels threatened because either I or someone else knew how to do our jobs as well as management's jobs. I am not writing this as any form of attempt to "save" myself or even my job, but rather to warn people of what is truthfully going on in this store.

Maybe this might stop a few people who don't deserve this fate which I have been talking about in this complaint. I would gladly have even included my name for all those who I have either served or worked with whom know that I "do not" lie, as well as for all of those IHOP supervisors that are fully aware of my work ethics.

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However, I am unable to give out this information due to fear of legal actions for "disclosing company policy. Lincoln Ave. My companion ordered an egg dish that was ill prepared. I ordered the country fried steak with mashed potatoes and substituted corn for the broccoli. The next morning we, for some crazy reason, decided to go to the same place for breakfast.

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We were seated, handed menus and the waiter walked away. I went and ask him for a wet cloth so I could clean the syrup from the table where I was seated. He told me he would get it. He came, he swiped, he missed. My companion ordered pancakes this time and I ordered the stuffed french toast and, not learning from the evening before, eggs.

I like my eggs over med but when I order them over medium at IHOP in the past, they come to me over easy. So to compensate I ask for my eggs to be over medium well. As my friend ordered pancakes we pulled the syrup tray closer. OMG, the table and the little short wall the syrup sits next to were filthy. Dried syrup with dirt dried in the syrup. The little short wall even had syrup dried on it. The floor under the table had, a spoon, several empty sugar packets, a couple of crayons and enough food for an appetizer.

Our food came. My french toast was cold and the eggs were as hard as an egg can get with both sides brown and crusty. When I paid for this filthy, poor food experience I ask if a manager was on duty. The young woman said, "Yes, he's here.

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She ask what could she tell him it was about. I said, "the dirty restaurant, I'll be waiting be my table.

She comes back several minutes later So the next day I fill out their online form, one for each visit. I called their customer service number and told my complaints to them. I was told someone would call me. No one has. This is usually one of our favorite places to grab a quick breakfast or lunch when he's home from college. We have always experienced good food and excellent service, which is why this visit was so disappointing and annoying.

ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va
ihop coupons manassas va Ihop coupons manassas va

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